Stanzin Lodan

Stanzin Lodan was admitted to Ngoenga School on 3rd July 2023. He is 13 years of age and hails from Kargil, Ladakh. There are 6 family members including himself. Lodan stays in a joint family and the main source of … Continued

Tenzin Dorjee

Tenzin Dorjee is a semi orphan and his mother as the main breadwinner. He was born normal like other children. But when he was only 13 months old, he fell down from a second floor that cause his brain damage. … Continued

Tenzin Delek

Tenzin Delek started walking at the age of two and started drinking at the age of three. His mother works at the MenTseKhang in Dehrardun as an accountant. Tenzin Delek loves to play with smooth objects or toys and loves … Continued

Kunchok Lhamo

Kunchok Lhamo lives with her mother and her sister. The father left her mother before her birth. The main income of family depends on petty business and with her mother being only income earner in the family, she is facing … Continued

Thinley Norbu

Thinley Norbu has 4 elder brothers & 2 elder sisters. His father works in a Tibetan Co-operative Society as a salesman and his mother as housewife. A high fever at very early age caused him mental retardation. His parents sent … Continued

Tenzin Seldon

Tenzin Seldon has 3 brothers & 2 sisters. She is the youngest child of the family who had fits at the very initial stage of 4 months as per verbal saying of her parents. Doctors told it as epileptic fits … Continued

Tenzin Lhamo

Tenzin Lhamo is a child born to a mentally retarded mother who could not shown the child’s father. Tenzin Lhamo has no siblings and she has been under the care of her uncle. Uncle’s family consists of 13 members with … Continued

Rinzin Namgyal

Rinzin was born as twin child to Lhakpa Sonam (late) and Tsering Lhamo. His twin sister is normal and presently in 5th standard. The family has 2 more children. As the only earner, mother sells Tibetan traditional biscuit “Khabse” in … Continued