Debbie la’s visit to Ngoenga School May 2022

Mind and Mental Health conference

Morning activities and sharing vacation experiences 2019

Second day picnic at school campus 23rd October 2018

Picnic at Fun and Food Kingdom on 20th October 2018

During two months summer vacation 2018, ngoenga’s home parents, cook, physiotherapy, physio assistant and sweeper all work together to clean entire hostel, dining hall, class room, physio room to maintain good hygiene.

Children who are staying back in school during summer holiday and some are on medical leave

Ready for two months summer holiday (May-June 2018) with their parents and relatives

29th Birthday Celebration of Panchen Rinpoche on 25th April 2018

Morning activities and classroom activities for student, July 2017

Celebrating Happy Teacher’s Day on 5th September 2014

Gift from Polish Volunteer to Ngoenga Children in May 2014

Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay visit Ngoenga School on 8th July 2013

Health Kalon Inaugurates Website of Ngoenga school on International Day of person with Disabilities on 3rd December 2012

His Holiness Visit to Ngoenga School, 14th Sep 2012

Visit of Karmapa Rinpoche to Ngoenga school on 1st September 2012

Excursion to the Fun & Food Kingdom in October 2012

Ngoenga School Year 2012 Photo Gallery

Ngoenga school inception pictures