Tenzin Lhamo

D.O.B 22/10/1989
D.O.A 13/01/2002
Hometown Bylakuppe
Diagnosis Learning Difficulty, Mentally Retarded


Tenzin Lhamo is a child born to a mentally retarded mother who could not shown the child’s father. Tenzin Lhamo has no siblings and she has been under the care of her uncle. Uncle’s family consists of 13 members with 6 children. All the dealings regarding this disable child is done by her uncle who is a farmer. Tenzin Lhamo was born with autism and mental problem. She loves to be in contact with adults & with quite children but is very anxious when she is placed near children with behaviour problem. Her speech is observed as very clear but without any meanings and she got very limited understandings. Her uncle is helpless to consult her congenital abnormality to any doctor as he is financially not reachable. He had to fulfill the daily needed requirements of the family as a priority.