Tenzin Jampa

Tenzin Jampa was admitted to Ngoenga School on 11th Jan, 2002. He was diagnosed of Cerebral palsy with right hemiplegic, hearing difficulty, severe physical disabilities, mental challenges, global aphasia and he is wheelchair bound. He is 28 years old now. He no longer uses a wheelchair, but his shuffling gait is not consistent and he looks for support. His severe epileptic attacks (sometimes 23 times a day) make him very weak. He has undergone minor surgery to remove corn from his feet which prevented him from walking. Despite the contracture in knee and achilles tedon, he walks independently. When speaking to jampa, he could hear the speeches but not able to respond verbally. Though he is unable able to do his toileting by himself, he can still eat by himself. He recognizes his home parents and family members well.