Ngoenga School Organises Summer Picnic to Foster companionship and Sense of Oneness

Ngoenga School for Tibetan Children with Special needs held a day-long picnic on 17th April 2024. The event aimed to foster companionship and a sense of oneness among students, teachers, and staff.

Various activities were organised to encourage and enhance active participation in games and dances. Activities of the day included,

Dance Extravaganza: The day commenced with an energetic dance session, where students showcased their talents with spontaneous routines. Lively music resonated across the campus, filling the air with joy and enthusiasm. Games Galore: A variety of indoor games were organized, catering to different interests and age groups. From classic favourites like musical chairs to modern games like ultimate wind breeze, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Splashing Fun in the Pool:  As the sun peaked, the swimming pool became the hub of excitement. Students and teachers enjoyed refreshing dips, their laughter echoing as they splashed around, savoring the cool escape from the summer heat. And most importantly, a special meal was arranged: A delicious spread offered a variety of cuisines and treats. The menu ranged from grilled delights to refreshing salads and mouth watering desserts, catering to diverse tastes and ensuring a satisfying meal for everyone.

The one-day summer picnic at the school campus was a resounding success, fostering bonds, laughter, and unforgettable memories. It demonstrated the school’s dedication to holistic development and a vibrant community spirit among its members. As the day ended, smiles lingered on faces, reflecting the joyous moments shared and the anticipation of future gatherings to come.