Ngoenga School in Dehradun Celebrates Annual Sports Day cum International Persons Disabilities Day

On December 3, Ngoenga School celebrated the International Persons with Disabilities Cum Annual Sports Day. The event was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest, Dekyi Dolkar, Additional Secretary of the Department of Health, and Dhundup Gyalpo, Tibetan Settlement Officer, Dehradun.

The day featured a variety of sports, including electric wheelchair races, adaptive track and field events, marble races, sack races, apple-eating, sorting shapes, and many more. These activities highlighted the adaptability and resilience of the participants, who were awarded gifts to appreciate their participation.

The event placed a strong emphasis on the value of recognising and honouring the achievements of people with disabilities. The purpose of the International Persons with Disabilities Cum Annual Sports Day, which was to celebrate the skills and capacities of people with disabilities and to promote inclusivity and break down barriers, was successfully attained. The occasion provided a forum for empowerment, education, and advocacy in the interest of a more diverse society where everyone’s rights are respected and upheld, regardless of ability.