Ngoenga School in Dehradun celebrated Children’s Day

Dehradun: On November 14, the staff and students of Ngoenga School in Dehradun celebrated Children’s Day. The event kicked off with a speech by the school’s Director, Mrs. Tashi Kunzom, followed by the Headmaster, Gangri Nyima. They emphasized the importance of the occasion and encouraged everyone to promote the well-being of children.

The school auditorium was adorned with colourful flowers, balloons, and paper cartoon drawings specially crafted for the children. The staff performed various cultural and non-cultural activities to show their love and affection for the children. The students cheered as their favourite staff members took the stage, laughing heartily at their funny moves. The whole event was filled with excitement, laughter, and joy. All the children and staff enjoyed a delicious bowl of day-se, a hot cup of butter tea, and a special lunch.