Mrs. Mimila, Director of Vimala Association Visits Ngoenga School

On September 19, 2019, Mrs. Mimila and her accompany Mrs. Marie visited Ngoenga School to inspect their ongoing completion of projects such as electricity re-wiring and small fencing projects.

All of the Ngoenga children including staff members – director, administrative staff, acting headmistress, teachers, and foster parents received the sponsors at 9:30am with a traditional white scarf.

The program was held in the assembly hall and began with Director Mr. Pemba Labrang extending thanks for the Vimala Associations kind financial support and gratitude to the school. Following, children played music and danced on stage.

Afterwards, the sponsor meeting was held at the Director Office in the presence of all the school heads – director, administrative staff accountant, secretary, etc. In the meeting, the sponsor director, Mrs. Mimila discussed the ongoing donor projects and this time particularly, wanted to focus on the childrens present needs, rather than accepting any new projects until June 2020.

Various suggestions came out for the children’s needs such as new wheelchairs, washing machines, mic system, and specific tables for disabled children in their classrooms. These new ideas were taken positively by the sponsors.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Mimila and Mrs. Marie took a tour around the school to inspect the ongoing projects in the school at length and checked the infrastructure in detail.

Finally, the donor of both sponsors felt happy and had a short visit again on Sunday to check the water supply condition.

They left in the afternoon and gave a good-bye to all the school head staff.