CTA Health Secretary’s visit to Ngoenga School

Dehradun: As per the program of the Department of Health, Mr Dawa Tsultrim, Secretary of the Department of Health, CTA scheduled to visit Ngoenga School for Tibetan Children with Special Needs on 29th November 2022 along with Mrs Tashi Yangzom, Administrator of Ngoenga and Health Centers and Tenzin Palkyi, Chief Accountant for general inspection apart from the various round visits at many hospitals and clinics running under the Department of Health, CTA, Dharamsala.


The special students of the Ngoenga School with all teachers and staff members had given a hearty welcome to all the guests with the white scarf. Ngoenga School Congratulate Mr. Dawa Tsultrim la for being appointed as the new Health Secretary on 18th November 2022 and followed by a welcome speech from the school Director Mrs. Tashi Kunzom. In her speech, she read out the annual report of the school focusing on the achievements that were done in the school and what it has improved to date.  The Ngoenga students and the staff held a short Tibetan Cultural Program at the school hall. The students performed various solo and dance sequences.


The Secretary has spent a full day observing all kinds of school matters ranging from running a school administration to student and staff problems. We were pleased to give them a tour of our classes and physiotherapy room, 5 hostels, kitchen, and the school compound demonstrating various activities that take place every day as a part of our school curriculum.


The Secretary along with his colleague held a brief meeting with all members of the teachers, foster parents and administrative staff. By taking this wonderful opportunity, each of the staff has put forward their personal views and difficulties that they’re facing while working at the school. The Secretary has taken various suggestions from Staff to improve the overall development of the school. The meeting has touched upon a various range of the issues that how the school will have to run perfectly in today’s modern society to take care of school children and its infrastructure. The Secretary said in his speech, he has mentioned that each staff’s co-operation with each other and living a harmonious environment in the School campus is quite important necessary to be successful in every aspect of life.


The Secretary has extended thank you appreciation to all staff members for their hard work and dedication towards the school children and running the school successfully. He especially mentioned how important is to work as teamwork in a school or society and advises them to work harder in the future days to come.

The day ended on a good note extending thank you gratitude to the Secretary for his busy schedule has left the school in a joyous moment with his colleague for another scheduled program tomorrow. The School hopes that the Secretary will look into a school-related range of problems and sort it out in the best manner shortly. The special lunch was served at the school guest house.

Mr Dawa Tsultrim touring the School office

Ngoenga School Children Performing Cultural Dance