Capacity Building of Oral Healthcare, Rehabilitation Care and Horticulture Therapy Training for Ngoenga staff

A team of 17 delegation including 3 Dentist, 1 physiotherapist, 3 horticulture therapist and dental team members visited Ngeonga School for the training held from 30th October to 1st November 2018. They did oral check up to all children’s of Ngoenga school along with oral health education on common dental ailment especially stressing on tooth decay and gum disease and measures to prevent them to our teaching staffs and foster parents. In physiotherapy section, how to lift children from wheelchair, proper posture on wheel chair, how to repair used wheelchair and how to play paralympic game called boccia game were the topics covered in the training. They also gave field assessment for horticultural therapy to staffs.

This is the third year of our agreement with Health CO-OP Organization Taiwan (HCO-OP) Taiwan and Ngoenga School with regards to three year training project. The training of oral health, rehabilitation care and horticulture therapy for teachers, professionals and caregivers. This training will improve the quality care for children with special needs. The main objectives are
1. To build their capacity focused on oral, rehabilitation care and horticultural therapy for Ngoenga children.
2. To reduce the morbidity of oral diseases
3. To reduce incident rate of self-injury of caregivers and children.
4. To increase their physical independence and to build the capacity of the caregivers working for special needs children.
We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all team members of capacity building project, HCO-OP Taiwanese for their continued support towards wellbeing of our special needs children. Ngoenga School and the concerned members felt deeply gratitude towards Taiwanese group for their exceptional contribution in restoring a new hope in the lives of their special need children.