Ngoenga School welcomes new Director Ms Tashi Kunzom and bids farewell to former Director Mr Pemba Labrang

Old Director Mr Pemba Labrang and New Director Ms Tashi Kunzom

Dehradun: In the afternoon of 30th March 2022, The formal ceremony of handing over the responsibilities of Old Director Mr Pemba Labrang to the newly appointed Director Ms Tashi Kunzom took place at the school auditorium in the presence of Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement Officer Mr Dhundup Gyalpo as a witness of the handover process.

That afternoon, with the presence of all the staff, the event started with the offering of the white Scarf (Khatak) ceremony to The Portrait of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and then served Tibetan butter tea with Tibetan sweet rice (Dre-si).  After that, all the staff members gathered in the school auditorium, and former Director Mr. Pemba Labrang la shared his experiences about his stay at the school. It was then followed by the New Director Mrs. Tashi Kunzom la . They both encouraged all the Ngoenga staff to never give up the good work they have been doing and asked to carry themselves in good spirit even in everyday life. The event ended with a word of thanks proposed by the resource person Mr. Dhundup Gyalpo la, to share his profound knowledge on the topic and highlighted how important it is to stay happy, friendly, and disciplined in the community for the welfare of entire community.

On 7th April, 2022, all the staff members gathered in the school hall to celebrate a farewell dinner party to the outgoing Director Mr. Pemba Labrang la and he gave his last good-bye speech “(Mann kyi Baat)” to us all and all the staff wished him a very happy and healthy life during post his retirement. The room was left in a bit of heavy heart and saddened eyes everywhere.

Director Pemba Labrang giving his last speech
All the staff gathered at the school hall