Ngoenga School celebrates annual picnic day

A group photo of all the staff and children.


One of the most awaited days of the year for the Ngoenga children is the school picnic day. Particularly after the Pandemic induced lockdowns and constraints of social distancing since early 2020. After having breakfast, all the children & the staff members set out for the day at around nine in the morning with prayer and a feeling of a great day ahead. The students were extremely excited and kept singing songs in the bus till they reached the venue, Fun & Food Kingdom Amusement Part, Dehradun.

On reaching there, they were welcomed by the staff of the park. The students were thrilled to experience the high-tech rides, a boat ride, wave pool, rain dance, swimming pool, and a variety of water slides. The place is filled with greenery and has all sorts of facilities to have fun.

Each and every child was given complete freedom to participate and enjoy themselves under the watch of concerned staff. Of all the variety of things to experience, the most enjoyable time was in the pool area with four different slides, a wave pool, and a rain dance. The children were excited and shook their legs to the thumping dance numbers which were played near the pool. They even created a few crazy steps and the teachers and staff too joined the fun.

After a tiring and fun-packed morning, we all headed for special homemade lunch where we all relished different items of food. The group photograph time motivated students to make funny faces for the click!

After a whole day loaded with fun-filled experiences, as one could guess as most of the students expressed a desire to revisit the place. Indeed it was a great day for all the all staff as well, as it strengthened the bond between the staff and the children.
It was a sound and safe return.

On the way to the amusement park.
Students enjoying a simple ride.
Staff and high-tech rides.
Amusement park rides.

All the staff and children enjoying the home-made lunch.

A picture near rain dance spot.