Mentally Retarded

Stanzin Lodan (119)

D.O.B : 17th September 2010
D.O.A : 3rd July 2023
Home Town : Padum, Zanskar, Ladakh

Stanzin Lodan was admitted to Ngoenga School on 3rd July 2023. He is 13 years of age and hails from Kargil, Ladakh. There are 6 family members including himself. Lodan stays in a joint family and the main source of income solely depends on his father’s monthly salary of 6000/ as an electrician. Before joining Ngoenga, he was admitted to Rewa Society for 3 years. In 2013, Stanzin Lodan tried for admission to Ngoenga School but could not get through due to some reasons. The core reason for trying to get admission at Ngoenga School is to cater to the child’s needs and support through a multi-disciplinary approach from various professionals. Stanzin Lodan is a child with an Intellectual disability who has been newly admitted to our institution. He is currently facing separation anxiety due to his lack of adaptability in a new environment. We have observed him to be a smart and trainable child but sometimes fails to communicate his actual feelings which results in showing aggression in the form of self-harm and others around him.

Tsering Dolker (118)

D.O.B : 30th July 2013
D.O.A : 10th January 2023
Home Town : Ngawal, Manang, Nepal (Ex Student)
Remarks: Spina Bifida with Hydrocephalus
Status: Ex student (TCV Chauntra Special Needs School on5th October 2023)

Tsering Dolkar is a 10-year-old girl born in the remote village of Ngawal in Manang, Nepal. Her parents are Tenzin Phuntsok (39) and Chime Gurung (37). When Tsering was born, her parents noticed a lumbar lump on the fourth day of her life, which may have been the onset of lipomeningocele. However, this information was only shared after four months when Tsering was admitted to the National Institute of Neurological and Allied Science, Nepal. She was admitted due to the increased size of her head, which was disproportionate to her body. On 8/12/2013, Tsering underwent a "Right low-pressure ventricular-peritoneal shunt" (rt. LPVP) with no complications. Her diagnosis was then confirmed as operative excision of lipo meningocele with rt. LPVP shunt for hydrocephalus. However, Tsering's poor socioeconomic condition and lack of resources in her village meant that she could not receive good post-operative care and rehabilitation. As a result, she had to use a wheelchair and crutches. Tsering was admitted to Ngoenga on 10/01/2023. After detailed observation, she was found to be a quick learner with a strong sense of curiosity. Tsering is a sweet, gentle, and loving girl with great memorization skills. She is also very sensitive and kind to her peers, making her very sociable. It is believed that Tsering will progress well with her studies if provided with good healthcare and educational services. She has the potential to compete and excel in a mainstream educational institution, which will allow her to access better opportunities and learning. Therefore, preparations are being made for her admission to Tibetan Children's Village, Chauntra, where her needs will be catered to. If timely and correct provisions are provided, Tsering can lead a normal, independent life.

Profound disability

Tenzin Nyidon ()

D.O.B : 17/09/2012
D.O.A : 01/09/2022
Home Town : Dekyilng, Dehradun

Tenzin Nyidon was born on 17-09-2012 and she is from Dekyiling, Dehradun to Tsering Topla (Father) and Tenzin Chonyi (Mother). She is 10 years old as of 2022 and one of the newest admission to Ngoenga School. Her condition can be broadly classified under “Multiple disabilities”, she was diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy and Intellectual impairment. She also has problems with speech and sight. Amongst other difficulties, Nyidon’s eyesight has been a major concern to her Parents. Her eyesight has been deteriorating over years, power of her current spectacles stands at minus-13. Her family has been a great emotional support towards her all these years. We have observed Nyidon to be a loving and caring child filled with empathy and compassion. She reflects compassionate behavior towards other children and loves associating with new people. Until now, she was receiving education and therapy from a private institution from her parents without any other financial support. As Ngoenga School for Tibetan Children with Special Needs offers extensive support and care under one roof such as education, vocational training, foster care, and therapeutic interventions. This was the primary reason for her parents to enroll Nyidon in Ngoenga School. Under proper guidance and teamwork, we believe she can improve and achieve favorable outcomes.

Profound disability

Jigmat Sangdup ()

D.O.B : 18/02/2009
D.O.A : 01/07/2022
Home Town : Leh

Jigmat Sangdup is a 13-year-old boy with Multiple Disabilities. He is the son of Mr. Tsering Sangdup and Mrs. Samtan Dolma born in Chuchul Mutup Khangsar, a very remote village in Leh, Ladakh. He has a total of eight siblings. His family lives a nomadic life and the income of the entire family is solely dependent on his elder brother’s income. His elder brother is a taxi driver whose monthly income is 5000 INR. His family has tried to admit the child to Ngoenga School several times. The main reason was their financial condition and lacking resources to provide proper health care and education. Jigmat Sangdup is currently in Ser-Kong class and in the last two months, he has learned the identification of the alphabets through Indian Sign Language. Recently, we enrolled the child in to sign language class due to his speech impairment. So, we noticed that it is important for him to be able to communicate with his peer group and other people in his surrounding environment. Jigmat is sociable and loving. We will deliver our best services to improve his condition.

Cerebral Palsy

Tenzin Namgil ()

D.O.B : 29/11/2018
D.O.A : 01/07/2022
Home Town : Dehradun

Tenzin Namgil was born on 29th November 2018 to Jigme Dawa (Father) and Yeshi Lhamo (Mother) in Lakhanwala, Dehradun a small North Indian settlement. He is the only child to have been admitted to Ngoenga at the young age of 4 (2022). He was diagnosed with Microcephaly and Spastic Quadriparesis in the year 2021. The family’s inability to provide care and support due to their constraints in their financial situation has led to his early admission to Ngoenga. The school caters to all his needs and requirements. His mother suffers from a psychological disorder and his father is a chronic alcoholic, which makes his state very vulnerable and risky. With support from the surrounding neighbors and friends, he was able to get an admission in Ngoenga School. Meanwhile, he receives foster care and Physiotherapy. We plan and hope to work holistically to improve his condition.

Intellectual Impairment

Nawang Chonden ()

D.O.B : 21/10/2008
D.O.A : 1/10/2021
Home Town : Dehradun

Child Nawang Chonden was admitted to Ngoenga School on 1st October 2021 and he is from Dehradun, Chandarmani. There are five members in his family including himself. Father, Mother, elder sister, and one younger sister aged 4. The family’s only source of income is by selling petty seasonal sweater businesses in West Bengal which is not sufficient enough to cover the expenses. He has intellectual impairment. He can understand the basic communication when we speak but also have to make him understand the language through gestures, facial expressions, and directions. He can express the basic or common words like; if he has to eat, drink and pee but he cannot speak fluently like other normal kids. The child cannot stay put in one place for more than a minute or two because of the nature of the disability. That is why he likes to play most of the outdoor games and needs constant care and observation. Despite his disability, the child is always cheerful by nature and in sound health. Due to the family's poor financial status, his parent admitted him to this special needs school with the hope of better education, health, and proper diet and well training. And we never charge any kind of fees for admitting a child to this school. Hence, we request any generous support and help rendered for achieving this child’s dream will be highly appreciated. “Together we can do great things”

Hearing Impaired  • Speech Impaired

Ngawang Choezin (112)

D.O.B : 19th February 2010
D.O.A : 1st July 2021
Home Town : Jawalakhel (Ex Student)
Remarks: Hearing & Speech Impairment

  Ngawang Choezin was admitted to Ngoenga School on 1st July 2021; she is 11 years of age and hails from Jawalakhel, Nepal. There are four members in her family including herself. Father, Mother, and younger brother aged 4. The family’s only source of income is by running a small restaurant in Jawalakhel, Nepal, which is not sufficient enough to cover the expenses. She has hearing and speech impairment. She cannot speak neither can hear. She understands the language by signs and directions. We have been trying to communicate in whatever way possible; at first, there is a barrier in terms of sign language as (Nepali sign language differs in some aspects from that of India. There is an absence of a school transfer certificate and no official record of her being admitted to any school, previously. She is very active, smart, and extremely enthusiastic about learning new things and takes part in any form of interaction with everyone around her. One thing would like to emphasize would be her kindness towards her fellow friends with special needs, she voluntarily extends her help to them, with such a small amount of time, and the level of compassion she portrays is commendable.   In terms of academics, she is smart and a quick learner. When she first came here, she could not even recognize a single alphabet, but within days she is being able to read, write and understand words. She is also being taught Mathematics and till now she can multiply and divide up to two-digit numbers. Would like to advocate how intelligent and quick-wit this child is in both studies and sports. She likes to play most of the outdoor games but the basket is her favorite sport. Due to the family's poor financial status, her parent admitted her to this special needs school with a hope for better education, health, and proper diet and well training. And we never charge any kind of fees for admitting a child to this school. The family’s strong wish is that the child could attend a school specially build for speech & hearing impairment, and presently, she is in the process of being admitted to “Bajaj Institute of Learning” and admission is almost complete. This is one of the most prestige’s Schools for Deaf & Dumb student in Dehradun, India. She can be a valuable resource to herself and the community as parent wishes and desire if given proper time, resources, and guidance. Hence, we request any generous support and help rendered for achieving this child’s dream will be highly appreciated. “Together we can do great things”

Speech Impaired

Ngawang Dorjee (110)

D.O.B : June 2, 2011
D.O.A : August 26, 2019
Home Town : Gelling, Tuting Arunachal Pradesh, India

Family Background The child, Ngawang Dorjee, has four family members - father, mother, sister and himself. They come from a very poor family background and his father also has epilepsy issues. the father is the breadwinner and mother is a housewife; the main source of income of the family is banking upon small farming. They earn merely INR Rs. 5000/- month to bear all kinds of expenditures for the whole family. Current Health Status Ngawang Dorjee has speech impairment and is unable to speak. He has some hearing issues as well. As far as his language is concerned, he can understand the Indian and regional Pema Gopa language. He does not understand the real Tibetan language yet and expresses it through gestures and sounds. He faced pneumonia disease at a very small age. He is able to go to a washroom and eat by himself, however, must have a caretaker along with him for assistance. The above information of the special child is very true and genuine to the best of our knowledge as discussed with his parents and the results of medical observation.

Cerebral Palsy

Lobsang Dawa (109)

D.O.B : January 7, 2013
D.O.A : July 15, 2019
Home Town : Spiti, H.P.

Family Background Lobsang Dawa has four family members namely - father, mother, and two sisters. He belongs to a very poor family. His father is the breadwinner of the family, generating Rs 2000/- a month. The main source of his family occupation is farming. As per the child's parents, the child cannot speak and always prefers to stay outside. Hence, the child has enrolled in he Ngoenga School to improve his health conditions.   Medical Background As mentioned earlier, the child can't speak and does not have proper functioning of his brain although the child had born in a normal delivery taking the period of eight and a half months. We had observed symptoms starting at the age of three. Therefore, the parents took him to the nearby hospital and the doctor has declared him as a special child and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) Spastic at the Spiti Hospital in Himachal state of India. The child has a disabled certificate with CP spastic. He is having a sort of aggressive nature too. In fact, he is walking in normal condition, however, he is unable to speak. The good thing is he can understand what we say and he can eat by himself. He needs further proper care: help to do daily activities, wear his daily clothes, brushing his teeth, and maintaining the general hygiene of his health. The above details of the child information is true and genuine to the best of our knowledge, discussing with his parents here at the Ngoenga School Office, Dehradun (UK).

Intellectual Impairment

Tenzin Passang (109)

D.O.B : 23/03/2005
D.O.A : 20/08/2018
Home Town : Mundgod

Tenzin Passang has seven family members including grandmother, father, mother, three elder brothers, and himself. His father is a farmer and bread earner of the family whereas mother is a housewife. With the father's small earning the livelihood of the family cannot be secured apart from the burden of day today expenses along with grandmother's medication and three children's expenses on top of that Tenzin Passang's treatment cost. His family condition seems critical. Tenzin Passang has intellectual impairment, his parents consulted with numerous physicians about his movement, learning, speech, and personal care but didn't make any progress so far. Due to which they finally decided to admit him to Ngoenga school on 20th August 2018 with a hope to get better treatment and care. As per his treatment curriculum, we have made an arrangement in Gubbara (Assessment center for early childhood intervention), so that we will know more about his present health status and ways to improve his health condition eventually. He was admitted to Ngoenga School without charging any fee on medical, education and living. Therefore, we would like to request you to kindly support this child to make a better future for him.

Hearing Impaired  • Visual impairment

Jorden (108)

D.O.B : 23.01.2012
D.O.A : 9th July 2018
Home Town : Herbertpur

Jorden is a 6 year old boy living with his parents. His father is in Special Frontier Force (SFF) and his mother is housewife. His father is only the earner of the family. Tenzin Jorden is diagnosed with speech and hearing impairment; he can't speak nor hear anything. His family doesn't have any strong background support to provide proper medical treatment and education to their son. So with the great hope for better treatment and education, they admitted him to Ngoenga school on 9th July 2018. As per his education curriculum, he got admission in Bajaj Institute of Learning, one of most prestige school for Deaf and Dumb student in Dehradun. The details about the child condition and family background is true and genuine. Therefore, we request any help rendered for achieving the child dream will be highly appreciated.  

Hearing & Speech Impaired

Pema Tsering (115)

D.O.B : 22/09/2007
D.O.A : 10th July 2017
Home Town : Miao (Ex Student)
Remarks: Bajaj Institution of Learning

Pema Tsering was born with speech & hearing impairment. He is a very active, smart, and intelligent child. There are four members in his family: Father, Mother, and a younger sister. The family’s only income source is by farming. Due to very poor financial status, the family can’t afford to send the child in a far away special needs school with a huge fees and travelling expenses. As Ngoenga School runs under the Health Department of the Central Tibetan Administration, we would never charge any kind of fees for admitting a child. Therefore, it’s the family’s strong wish that the child could attend a school especially built for children with speech & hearing impairment and hopefully one day, he can stand on his own two feet. We request any kind of assistance to help Ngoenga School achieve Pema Tsering and his family achieve his dream.

Cerebral Palsy

Tenzin Kunchok (105)

D.O.B : 06/07/2012
D.O.A : 10/07/2017
Home Town : Ladakh (Ex-Student)
Remarks: Passed away on 26 June 2018

Tenzin Kunchok is from Dungti Jhangthang, a remote desert area in Leh, Ladakh. Tenzin Kunchok lives with his mother and elder brother. His father abandoned him soon after he knew that Kunchok was a disabled child. In order to feed the two young children and for better treatment of Kunchok, their mother worked in different houses. The child has had difficulties with speech, movement, mental retardation, and epilepsy since birth. He is in need of full assistance on his daily activities, such as feeding, dressing, toileting etc. The mother admitted him in this special needs school with a hope for better treatment and diet. Any help provided for Tenzin Kunchok la would be highly appreciated!

Intellectual Impairment

Lhamo Tsering (104)

D.O.B : 16/03/2003
D.O.A : 29/10/ 2016
Home Town : Tawang

Lhamo Tsering is from Tawang, a town situated at an elevation of approximately 3,048 meters in the northwestern part of Arunachal Pradesh in India. His father works as labor on daily wage basis and his mother is housewife. The child has been having difficulties with speech, hearing and movement since birth. He is in need of full assistance with his daily activities, such as feeding, dressing, toileting, etc. Due to remoteness of his home and poor financial status of family, he was admitted to Ngoenga School for the improvement of his condition without charging a single penny. Therefore, any help provided for Lham Tsering would be highly appreciated.

Cerebral Palsy  • Spastic Quadriplegic

Sonam Dechen (103)

D.O.B : 10/01/2002
D.O.A : 17th August 2016
Home Town : Hunsur
Remarks: Wheelchair

Sonam Dechen lives with her stepfather, mother, grandparents, and two younger siblings. She became paralyzed when she took immunization vaccine at the age of four months. Her mother met a man came from Tibet and settled her life with him. Her mother has two children of present husband. Sonam’s step father is working as cook and mother as care taker of monastery cattle. The family's living condition is very poor and they do not have any other sources of income or support. The child’s mother is facing difficulties in handling Sonam Dechen in regards to time, energy and financially. Therefore, any generous help rendered for this child will be highly appreciated.