Tsering Dolker

D.O.B 30th July 2013
D.O.A 10th January 2023
Hometown Ngawal, Manang, Nepal (Ex Student)


Tsering Dolkar is a 10-year-old girl born in the remote village of Ngawal in Manang, Nepal. Her parents are Tenzin Phuntsok (39) and Chime Gurung (37). When Tsering was born, her parents noticed a lumbar lump on the fourth day of her life, which may have been the onset of lipomeningocele. However, this information was only shared after four months when Tsering was admitted to the National Institute of Neurological and Allied Science, Nepal. She was admitted due to the increased size of her head, which was disproportionate to her body. On 8/12/2013, Tsering underwent a “Right low-pressure ventricular-peritoneal shunt” (rt. LPVP) with no complications. Her diagnosis was then confirmed as operative excision of lipo meningocele with rt. LPVP shunt for hydrocephalus. However, Tsering’s poor socioeconomic condition and lack of resources in her village meant that she could not receive good post-operative care and rehabilitation. As a result, she had to use a wheelchair and crutches. Tsering was admitted to Ngoenga on 10/01/2023. After detailed observation, she was found to be a quick learner with a strong sense of curiosity. Tsering is a sweet, gentle, and loving girl with great memorization skills. She is also very sensitive and kind to her peers, making her very sociable. It is believed that Tsering will progress well with her studies if provided with good healthcare and educational services. She has the potential to compete and excel in a mainstream educational institution, which will allow her to access better opportunities and learning. Therefore, preparations are being made for her admission to Tibetan Children’s Village, Chauntra, where her needs will be catered to. If timely and correct provisions are provided, Tsering can lead a normal, independent life.