Tenzin Sangpo

D.O.B 21/08/1992
D.O.A 11/01/2002
Hometown Bylakuppe
Diagnosis Hemiplegic


Tenzin Sangpo is a semi orphan child who belongs to a family of nine members where mother is the only earner. She works in the field to sustain the big family of 9 members consisting of 5 children and a very aged grandpa to take care of. Sangpo was born normal at home and unfortunately after 3 months of his delivery, he had to be admitted in Intensive care unit for 2 days & was later put under glucose. At 4 months, Sangpo was observed as having seizures because of which he was consulted & admitted in Delhi hospital although his mother hardly fulfills the daily requirements of her family. However, the consequence of these mishaps lead to weakness in his left side of the body & got slight difficulty in talking. He is a case of hemiplegic (Left) & is also having epileptic fits and had severe learning difficulties.