Tenzin Dedhen

D.O.B 06/02/2009
D.O.A 09/07/2015
Hometown Odisha, India
Diagnosis FUC of C.P, MR, Quadriparasis


Tenzin Dedhen lives with six family members: her father who left home to earn better income to support his family, mother is a housewife, grandmother, two eight-year olds, one twin sibling, and one younger sibling. The whole family solely depends on the income that the father earns. The child has some difficulty with movement and after consulting the doctor, she was diagnosed with developmental delay. She is having difficulty with her speech and ability to learn. Her mother admitted her into Ngoenga School with a great hope that one day at least she can live a life that doesn’t require depending on others. Therefore, any help rendered for this child will be highly appreciated.