Sonam T. Wangmo

D.O.B 11/03/2009
D.O.A 08/07/2015
Hometown Bhutan
Diagnosis Cerebral Palsy, MR


Sonam T. Wangmo’s father works in a primary school as a teacher and her mother is a housewife. She is having great difficulty with her sight and movement, slight problem on hearing, and she cannot speak at all so, she is totally dependent on others help on daily activities, because she is having great difficulty sight and movement, slight problem on hearing and she can’t speak at all. The cause of her disability is unknown, but based on her mothers recollection, these difficulties were first noticed at the age of 4 months. Her mother consulted with the doctors in Bhutan and they confirmed that she is having problem related to her brain. Now, she is staying in Ngoenga School free of cost. Therefore, any help rendered for this child will be highly appreciated.