Rinchen Sangpo

D.O.B 13/06/1996
D.O.A 11/08/2003
Hometown Mundgod
Diagnosis Hemiparesis, Speech Impaired


Rinchen Sangpo is taking care of by his mother as they are divorced. The mother is taking care of three children. She works in the settlement handicraft centre to earn. Rinchen’s medical undertaking was bored by the camp association before his admission to this school. When Rinchen’s mother was pregnant, she had a sideward falling mishap resulting into labor pain that lasted for a whole week. His birth cry was normal but his right side defects of the limbs were seen at the time of birth. He was also unconscious right after the birth for an hour succeeded by tremor shaking of the body turning into blue. New born Rinchen was hospitalized for 8 days under strict medication. He had a milestone delayed development walking at the age of 2 and half years. He was given Tibetan medicine also. But, little progress was noticed. Rinchen is a case of mild physical difficulty associated with learning difficulties. He has squint eyes and a slight speech problem that is congenital. Besides, he had a creative mind with his skill of creative drawings. He can understand everything that is told to him but face difficulty responding back.