Penpa Dolma

D.O.B 16/03/1996
D.O.A 13/01/2002
Hometown Bylakuppe
Diagnosis Cerebral Palsy


Penpa Dolma’s parents got divorced and father expired due to chronic tuberculosis few years back. Now the children are under the care of their relatives. Due to the sympathetic condition of the family, one of the children got admitted in the Tibetan Children’s Village school. Her brother was also admitted in one of the Tibetan Children’s Village school after getting through VIII standard from Deckyiling Sambhota Day school in Dehradun. Penpa Dolma and her brother were admitted in Ngoenga special school together. Penpa is a case of Hemiplegic (left side) and speech impaired. She is also a patient of spastic cerebral palsy affecting all her four limbs (Quadriplegia). Despite her disability, she has an excellent understanding power, and keen to learn and to join in all activities. Her social skills are very good. If timely correct provisions are able to provide, she can lead a normal independent life.