Pema Lhakyi

D.O.B 28/03/1993
D.O.A 08/03/2000
Hometown Tashi Jong
Diagnosis Learning Difficulty, Severe Autism


Pema Lhakyi is a semi orphan girl with mother as the only earner for the family, who works as a carpet weaver in the settlement handicraft center. Pema also has a grandpa who is 70 years old & unfortunately, had his both eyes operated & is helpless to do any sort of work. Pema is a victim of severe autism together with profound learning difficulties. There is no meaningful speech and one can find it very hard to understand her language and relate the same to others. She had a history of seizures at the age of 1 & half years old. She can’t speak or follow others although she seems to enjoy others. She loves to be in the company & hates to remain secluded. She is a lover of music.