Ngawang Dorjee

D.O.B June 2, 2011
D.O.A August 26, 2019
Hometown Gelling, Tuting Arunachal Pradesh, India
Diagnosis Speech Impaired


Family Background

The child, Ngawang Dorjee, has four family members – father, mother, sister and himself. They come from a very poor family background and his father also has epilepsy issues. the father is the breadwinner and mother is a housewife; the main source of income of the family is banking upon small farming. They earn merely INR Rs. 5000/- month to bear all kinds of expenditures for the whole family.

Current Health Status

Ngawang Dorjee has speech impairment and is unable to speak. He has some hearing issues as well. As far as his language is concerned, he can understand the Indian and regional Pema Gopa language. He does not understand the real Tibetan language yet and expresses it through gestures and sounds.

He faced pneumonia disease at a very small age.

He is able to go to a washroom and eat by himself, however, must have a caretaker along with him for assistance.

The above information of the special child is very true and genuine to the best of our knowledge as discussed with his parents and the results of medical observation.