Jigmat Sangdup

D.O.B 18/02/2009
D.O.A 01/07/2022
Hometown Leh
Diagnosis Profound disability


Jigmat Sangdup is a 13-year-old boy with Multiple Disabilities. He is the son of Mr. Tsering Sangdup and Mrs. Samtan Dolma born in Chuchul Mutup Khangsar, a very remote village in Leh, Ladakh. He has a total of eight siblings. His family lives a nomadic life and the income of the entire family is solely dependent on his elder brother’s income. His elder brother is a taxi driver whose monthly income is 5000 INR.
His family has tried to admit the child to Ngoenga School several times. The main reason was their financial condition and lacking resources to provide proper health care and education.
Jigmat Sangdup is currently in Ser-Kong class and in the last two months, he has learned the identification of the alphabets through Indian Sign Language. Recently, we enrolled the child in to sign language class due to his speech impairment.
So, we noticed that it is important for him to be able to communicate with his peer group and other people in his surrounding environment.
Jigmat is sociable and loving. We will deliver our best services to improve his condition.