Thinley Norbu

Thinley Norbu has 4 elder brothers & 2 elder sisters. His father works in a Tibetan Co-operative Society as a salesman and his mother as housewife. A high fever at very early age caused him mental retardation. His parents sent … Continued

Tenzin Tamdin

Tamdin is from a poor family and to cover medical expenses while he was at home, his mother does seasonal business and father stays home to look after. Still, they are unable to provide this child the proper treatment due … Continued

Tenzin Shimla

His father is working in this school as a care taker and mother in the handicraft center of Tibetan Women’s Association at Rajpur. He got two siblings attending the main stream school. He has learning difficulties with behaviour problem. Most … Continued

Wangchen Dhundup

Wangchen’s parents are in an underdeveloped area of Nepal where main source of income is farming. His parents are aged with many unemployed children to look after. Although the parents earn, yet proper medication for this child is out of … Continued