Tenzin Delek

Tenzin Delek started walking at the age of two and started drinking at the age of three. His mother works at the MenTseKhang in Dehrardun as an accountant. Tenzin Delek loves to play with smooth objects or toys and loves … Continued

Tenzin Seldon

Tenzin Seldon has 3 brothers & 2 sisters. She is the youngest child of the family who had fits at the very initial stage of 4 months as per verbal saying of her parents. Doctors told it as epileptic fits … Continued

Tenzin Pakto

He has two sisters with parents earning through farming. He is from one of the remote areas of Ladakh, north India. Unfortunately, he suffered from high fever resulting present autism with learning difficulties. The area from where the boy is … Continued

Tenzin Choedon

Tenzin Choedon is an orphan child with her admittance in Tibetan Children’s Village School at Dharamsala. She was admitted in this school as she is an autistic child with problem of sight, speech and learning. She is also hyperactive with … Continued