Vimala Association Director, Mimmi and Debbie visits Ngoenga School

Vimala Association Director Mimmi and Debbie welcomed by the Students

On the morning of 13th February 2020, Director of Vimala Association Mrs. Mimmi la and Debbie la visited Ngoenga School to meet our special needs children and to inspect the ongoing projects. The Ngoenga staff and children greeted and warmly welcomed them with Tibetan scarfs.
After the reception, the special children of Ngoenga performed a Tibetan cultural dance and both of them enjoyed the performance. Thereafter, a meeting was held in the Director’s office with Ngoenga School Committee members regarding the ongoing projects at Ngoenga School.
After the meeting, they were shown the classrooms and hostel, staff quarter and rest of the school compound to inspect the projects of Vimala Association.
At noon, lunch was arranged in Lhasa Restaurant along with TPHC Dekyiling Executive Secretary Mrs. Lobsang Tsomo. Post lunch, they visited TPHC Dekyiling Hospital.

Taking tour of the school compunds
Mimie and Debi visiting the class rooms
Mimie and Debi enjoying the Tibetan Cultural Dance