Celebration of 20th Foundation Day of Ngoenga School

Director Pema Labrang addressing on 20th foundation day

Dehradun:On Sunday 8th March 2020, we celebrated our 20th foundation day of Ngoenga School. This is a special day when the entire family of Ngoenga School, all the staff, and children has a chance to reflect not only on the beginnings of the Ngoenga School, but also on the significant development it has achieved since the Ngoenga school’s inception.

We, all the children and staff gathered in the morning at school auditorium for celebrating this day. The function started with Tibetan and Indian national Anthem. Then followed by Ngoenga Director Mr. Pema Labrang la and Head Master Nyima la addressing the gathering about the day.

Our children sang the Ngoenga song. Then the program continued with wonderful performances of group dance and songs. On this special occasion all the children and staff enjoyed with Tibetan butter Tea and Traditional Tibetan sweet rice (desy).

After the tea break, all the “special children and staff gathered to enjoy the indoor games like musical chair, marble in spoon and under curtain student exchange etc.With all the fun activities, finally the day ended with a thank you speech by Tashi Kunzom la.

Dance performances by the staff


Students enjoying the indoor games.