Mimi la from Vimala Association visits Ngoenga School

Mimi la welcomed by Ngoenga Children

Dehradun: Vimala Association Director and long-time friend of Ngoenga School and sponsor Mrs. Mimmi-la and her colleagues visited the School on 22nd July 2022 to inspect projects under the Vimala and the school environment as a whole. School Director Mrs. Tashi Kunzom along with Headmaster Nyima, rest of the staff members and all the children welcomed them with the traditional Tibetan white scarf (Khatas) at the entrance of our school hall. After that, most of our children performed few cultural dances, group songs, and solo songs, and were deeply thankful for the love and support shown by Vimala and Mimmi-la. Thereafter, a meeting was held at the Director’s office with the Ngoenga School Committee members. After the meeting, Mimmi-la visited every classroom, hostel, school kitchen, and school compound to inspect all the Vimala Association’s projects. Further discussion was held on the future requirement for the children’s development and to serve with higher quality as a whole by the school as suggested by Mimmi-la. Lunch was served at Ama Café on Rajpur road and had a very successful day. Mimmi-la assured to offer help and visit our school in the future.

Meeting at the Director’s office
Mimi la welcomed by Ngoenga Staff