Tenzin Passang

D.O.B 23/03/2005
D.O.A 20/08/2018
Hometown Mundgod
Diagnosis Intellectual Impairment


Tenzin Passang has seven family members including grandmother, father, mother, three elder brothers, and himself. His father is a farmer and bread earner of the family whereas mother is a housewife. With the father’s small earning the livelihood of the family cannot be secured apart from the burden of day today expenses along with grandmother’s medication and three children’s expenses on top of that Tenzin Passang’s treatment cost. His family condition seems critical.

Tenzin Passang has intellectual impairment, his parents consulted with numerous physicians about his movement, learning, speech, and personal care but didn’t make any progress so far. Due to which they finally decided to admit him to Ngoenga school on 20th August 2018 with a hope to get better treatment and care.

As per his treatment curriculum, we have made an arrangement in Gubbara (Assessment center for early childhood intervention), so that we will know more about his present health status and ways to improve his health condition eventually. He was admitted to Ngoenga School without charging any fee on medical, education and living. Therefore, we would like to request you to kindly support this child to make a better future for him.