D.O.B 23.01.2012
D.O.A 9th July 2018
Hometown Herbertpur
Diagnosis Hearing Impaired, Visual impairment


Jorden is a 6 year old boy living with his parents. His father is in Special Frontier Force (SFF) and his mother is housewife. His father is only the earner of the family. Tenzin Jorden is diagnosed with speech and hearing impairment; he can’t speak nor hear anything. His family doesn’t have any strong background support to provide proper medical treatment and education to their son. So with the great hope for better treatment and education, they admitted him to Ngoenga school on 9th July 2018.

As per his education curriculum, he got admission in Bajaj Institute of Learning, one of most prestige school for Deaf and Dumb student in Dehradun. The details about the child condition and family background is true and genuine. Therefore, we request any help rendered for achieving the child dream will be highly appreciated.