Sonam Dechen

D.O.B 10/01/2002
D.O.A 17th August 2016
Hometown Hunsur
Diagnosis Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Quadriplegic


Sonam Dechen lives with her stepfather, mother, grandparents, and two younger siblings. She became paralyzed when she took immunization vaccine at the age of four months. Her mother met a man came from Tibet and settled her life with him. Her mother has two children of present husband. Sonam’s step father is working as cook and mother as care taker of monastery cattle. The family’s living condition is very poor and they do not have any other sources of income or support. The child’s mother is facing difficulties in handling Sonam Dechen in regards to time, energy and financially. Therefore, any generous help rendered for this child will be highly appreciated.