D.O.B 08/03/1993
D.O.A 11/01/2002
Hometown Sataun
Diagnosis Learning Difficulty, Speech Impaired, Tremor


Choekphen belongs to a family member of 14 with 3 siblings. Mother is the only earner who does petty seasonal sweater business. Chokphen’s mother had a difficult home delivery & Chokphen was noticed as congenital dumb. Mother consulted Chokphen to doctor when she was 2 years of old where she was suggested for a tongue surgery. The surgery was withdrawn due to financial constrain and religious ethics. At present, Chokphen had an abnormal development, tremor and is speech impaired. She also had a profound learning difficulty and has some difficult behavior due to her great problem in understanding. Although dump, her gestures makes other understand fully for what she wants to convey. She has difficulty in sharing.