Nawang Chonden

D.O.B 21/10/2008
D.O.A 1/10/2021
Hometown Dehradun
Diagnosis Intellectual Impairment


Child Nawang Chonden was admitted to Ngoenga School on 1st October 2021 and he is

from Dehradun, Chandarmani. There are five members in his family including himself. Father,

Mother, elder sister, and one younger sister aged 4. The family’s only source of income is by

selling petty seasonal sweater businesses in West Bengal which is not sufficient enough to

cover the expenses. He has intellectual impairment. He can understand the basic

communication when we speak but also have to make him understand the language through

gestures, facial expressions, and directions. He can express the basic or common words like;

if he has to eat, drink and pee but he cannot speak fluently like other normal kids. The child

cannot stay put in one place for more than a minute or two because of the nature of the disability.

That is why he likes to play most of the outdoor games and needs constant care and observation.

Despite his disability, the child is always cheerful by nature and in sound health.
Due to the family's poor financial status, his parent admitted him to this special needs school
with the hope of better education, health, and proper diet and well training. And we never
charge any kind of fees for admitting a child to this school. Hence, we request any generous
support and help rendered for achieving this child’s dream will be highly appreciated. “Together we
can do great things”