Neema Ladhun

Neema Ladhun and her twin sister Sonam Ladhun lives with her mother and two maternal aunties. Their father abandoned the family as soon as he came to know that the twin children are disabled. The doctor diagnosed them and named … Continued

Kunchok Lhamo

Kunchok Lhamo lives with her mother and her sister. The father left her mother before her birth. The main income of family depends on petty business and with her mother being only income earner in the family, she is facing … Continued

Tenzin Rabyang

Tenzin Rabyang had noticeable developmental delays since birth. He had lost his speech abilities at birth and only started walking and standing on his feet at the age of seven. He has one younger sister. His mother is a housewife … Continued

Tenzin Methok

Tenzin Methok has one sister and grandmother. Her father works in a factory and mother as a housewife. Her delayed milestone development was noticed at birth; she didn’t have her first cry during birth and the doctor said she has … Continued

Sonam Motup

Sonam Motup is an orphan, physically disabled. His parents have disowned him and left under the care of his aging grandfather. The father contributes a meager amount of Rs. 1000 per month when he was with his grandfather, but it’s … Continued

Rinzin Dorjee

Rinzin Dorjee is from Tibet and do not have any family members or relatives in India. This little boy faces movement and speech problems with great difficulty since from birth. He was sent from the Office of Tibetan Reception Centres, … Continued

Tenzin Choephel

Tenzin Choephel has one elder brother and one elder sister; both of them are attending school. His father is working as a cook in sos TCV school in Ladhak, and his mother working as a manual labour. The child is … Continued

Tenzin Lhakpa

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Tenzin Thokmey

There are five family members including Tenzin Thokmey. He has a brother who is in a boarding school and a grandmother whose health is very weak with poor vision. His parents indulged in petty business for their living. Tenzin Thokmey … Continued

Tenzin Seldon

Tenzin Seldon has 3 brothers & 2 sisters. She is the youngest child of the family who had fits at the very initial stage of 4 months as per verbal saying of her parents. Doctors told it as epileptic fits … Continued

Ngawang Gyatso

Parents of this child are doing petty business to run the family. This child being the elder one had a delayed birth cry with convulsions of the whole body observed right after the delivery. High fever at the age of … Continued

Tenzin Rabjam

Tenzin Rabjam is more like an orphan since his parents are unable to take care. He got three siblings and they are looked after by their grandmother. Rabjam is a wheel chair bond child who also can’t speak at all.

Nyima Lhamo

Nyima Lhamo’s parents run a small tea stall to sustain the family in Ladakh. Her mother met with an accident when five months pregnant that results into 8 months premature birth of child Nyima as twins. Nyima was infected with … Continued

Tenzin Pakto

He has two sisters with parents earning through farming. He is from one of the remote areas of Ladakh, north India. Unfortunately, he suffered from high fever resulting present autism with learning difficulties. The area from where the boy is … Continued

Tenzin Choedon

Tenzin Choedon is an orphan child with her admittance in Tibetan Children’s Village School at Dharamsala. She was admitted in this school as she is an autistic child with problem of sight, speech and learning. She is also hyperactive with … Continued