Tenzin Namgil

Tenzin Namgil was born on 29th November 2018 to Jigme Dawa (Father) and Yeshi Lhamo (Mother) in Lakhanwala, Dehradun a small North Indian settlement. He is the only child to have been admitted to Ngoenga at the young age of … Continued

Lobsang Dawa

Family Background Lobsang Dawa has four family members namely – father, mother, and two sisters. He belongs to a very poor family. His father is the breadwinner of the family, generating Rs 2000/- a month. The main source of his … Continued

Tenzin Kunchok

Tenzin Kunchok is from Dungti Jhangthang, a remote desert area in Leh, Ladakh. Tenzin Kunchok lives with his mother and elder brother. His father abandoned him soon after he knew that Kunchok was a disabled child. In order to feed … Continued

Sonam Dechen

Sonam Dechen lives with her stepfather, mother, grandparents, and two younger siblings. She became paralyzed when she took immunization vaccine at the age of four months. Her mother met a man came from Tibet and settled her life with him. … Continued

Sonam T. Wangmo

Sonam T. Wangmo’s father works in a primary school as a teacher and her mother is a housewife. She is having great difficulty with her sight and movement, slight problem on hearing, and she cannot speak at all so, she … Continued

Tenzin Rabyang

Tenzin Rabyang had noticeable developmental delays since birth. He had lost his speech abilities at birth and only started walking and standing on his feet at the age of seven. He has one younger sister. His mother is a housewife … Continued

Rinzin Dorjee

Rinzin Dorjee is from Tibet and do not have any family members or relatives in India. This little boy faces movement and speech problems with great difficulty since from birth. He was sent from the Office of Tibetan Reception Centres, … Continued

Tenzin Choephel

Tenzin Choephel has one elder brother and one elder sister; both of them are attending school. His father is working as a cook in sos TCV school in Ladhak, and his mother working as a manual labour. The child is … Continued

Tenzin Thokmey

There are five family members including Tenzin Thokmey. He has a brother who is in a boarding school and a grandmother whose health is very weak with poor vision. His parents indulged in petty business for their living. Tenzin Thokmey … Continued

Tsering Dolker

She belongs to a farmer family with one younger brother & a sister. She is a case of spastic diplegic. As per her record, she used to suffer from frequent fever with high grade fever right after two days of … Continued

Tenzin Rabjam

Tenzin Rabjam is more like an orphan since his parents are unable to take care. He got three siblings and they are looked after by their grandmother. Rabjam is a wheel chair bond child who also can’t speak at all.

Tenzin Sherab

Tenzin Sherab belongs to a neutral family with two sisters. The demise of her father made Tenzin’s mother unable to look after her three children single handedly. Tenzin Sherab is a case of cerebral palsy & spastic diplegia. Both her … Continued

Penpa Dolma

Penpa Dolma’s parents got divorced and father expired due to chronic tuberculosis few years back. Now the children are under the care of their relatives. Due to the sympathetic condition of the family, one of the children got admitted in … Continued

Lobsang Tsering

She is from a family of 7 members with their father as the only earner who works in an airbase as laborer. Mother is housewife who takes care of the whole family. The family is settled in a remote area … Continued

Dorjee Namgyal

Dorjee Namgyal is a semi orphan with his mother as the main bread earner of the family. Dorjee is suffering from Cerebral Palsy with left hemiplegic that can be described as a medical condition usually caused by brain damage before … Continued